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So I was in the shower thinking about Wonder Woman (as one does) and like…. I gotta lot of feelings thinking about the end of Batman V Superman and how my perception of Diana has changed now that Wonder Woman (2017) is released. 

Zack Snyder is really That Bitch™ and knew exactly what he was doing when Lois was mourning over Clark and Diana was watching. 

Clark and Steve both sacrificed themselves to save innocent lives…. But Diana never got to have this moment. Lois had the chance to hug Clark’s body, say goodbye and see his face one last time, watch him be buried while thousands gathered to mourn over him for his brave sacrifice. 

Did Steve have a funeral? Does he have a headstone in Arlington above an empty casket, one among a sea of thousands? Will anyone truly know about his brave sacrifice? 

Diana stoically watched as Clark’s family, friends, the love of his life, and the whole world mourned for him and honored him “as a soldier”. But Steve was just another lost soul whose picture was tacked onto a wall along with hundreds of other brave soldiers who died for a cause. Probably no one except her remembers who Steve is, what he did, and how his sacrifice was just as brave as Clark’s.

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